This program is in compliance with KRS 189A.340 and 601 KAR 2:030 and approved by the District Court.  To obtain an ignition interlock device AND an ignition interlock license we will assist you, along with your attorney, in completing the following steps:

1.       File application with the Court (Circuit Court Clerk's Office)

          a.       Pretrial Application:  AOC Form 495.4

          b.       Upon Conviction or Plea of Guilty:  AOC Form 495.12

          c.       Refusal and Acquittal for Multiple DUI's:  AOC Form 495.10


2.       Receive Order from Judge (MUST BE CERTIFIED)

3.       File application TC-94-175 at the Transportation Cabinet with proof of insurance and valid registration and non-refundable fee of $105.00

4.       Receive letter of eligibility from Transportation Cabinet

5.       Take letter of eligibility and order to CCA for consultation and scheduling of install

6.       Installation at Service Provider ($65.00 or $130.00) - Choice of six (6) providers

7.       Receive Certificate of Installation from Service Provider

8.       Take Certificate of Installation to Circuit Court Clerk to receive Ignition Interlock License

9.       Bring Proof of Ignition Interlock License to CCA

10.     Appear for Monthly Calibration at Service Provider as scheduled by CCA(Up to $85.00/month)

11.     Pay Monthly Filing and Administration Fees to CCA ($75.00/month)

12.     CCA will compile and send monthly reports or compliance documents to Court

13.     Removal of Device after receipt of letter from Transportation Cabinet and end of term. ($30.00)

14.    CCA will file a notice of completion with the Court at end of term.