Capital Court Authority, founded in 2014, is a private monitoring agency and drug testing company that works with a number of court jurisdictions and private employers. CCA monitors thousands of individuals annually at the direction and order of courts and at the request of companies, large and small.

     Drug testing is monitored and conducted in our office in accordance with strict laboratory requirements. Our employees follow stringent chain of custody rules that preserve the validity of all samples. We report to several agencies including the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Pre-trial Services, AOC, and Probation and Parole. Capital Court Authority maintains a proprietary comprehensive database of information on every monitored individual. However, we are not a medical provider under federal and state law and are not subject to HIPAA regulations. Further, our liability and responsibility ends at notifying and reporting to the Court systems and law enforcement of potential violations. All of the individuals we work with are non-violent offenders and must meet criteria for release from custody including prosecutorial discretion and Court approval.