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Ignition Interlock

What is Ignition Interlock? 

Just blow into your Ignition Interlock Device to provide a breath test sample in order to start the vehicle. It measures your Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC).

The car breathalyzer tracks your vehicle activity anytime someone attempts to start the vehicle and while anyone is driving. The data provides a record of violations to your state/state authority.


Managed by: Matthew Palmer

Matthew started at CCA in April of 2023 and is The ignition interlock installer and age Garage Supervisor for Capital Court Technologies. He has been in the automotive field for a little over 15 years. 

Get to Know CCA's Smart Start Ignition Interlock Garage

- Our garage is located at 419 W 2nd St, Frankfort, KY, 40601

- The garage offers the following device for installation: 

- Ignition Interlock DUI Device


- Standard Installation - $100

- Alternative Fuel or Push Button Start- $130

- Monthly Cost: $100


      - Service/Device Rental

      - Calibration/Monitoring

      - Required Insurance

- Removal of Device: $30

Service Calls

- $ 50 plus mileage calculated at the Commonwealth of Kentucky mileage rate in effect at the time, not to exceed 100 miles 

- $50 Violation Resets - when violation is determined to be due to the fault of the applicant

- $35 Missed Appointment Fees

Repairs and Reinstallation

$50 PER HOUR, not to exceed four (4) hours, when it is determined by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet that the applicant illegally tampered with the device

Application Process:


Step 1 

The Court will report the conviction or suspension to KYTC. 

Note: This can take a couple of days. A letter of Withdrawal or Suspension will be sent


Step 2

Either E-mail or Fax (844-535-7209) the following information:

- Ignition Interlock Application (TC94-175)

- Proof of a valid Kentucky vehicle registration (out-of-state drivers will
need to provide valid registration from their state)

Note; If registration is NOT in the driver's name, a notarized letter is required from the owner giving permission to install the device in their vehicle. This statement must include the description of the vehicle as well as the VIN#.

- Proof of Kentucky insurance (out of state drivers will need to provide
proof of insurance from their state)
- Any other documentation required for the forms to be submitted


Go to a Driver Licensing Regional Office to submit your application with the
above forms.
- A $40.00 Reinstatement fee is required and can be paid at a Driver's Licensing
Regional Office.
You will be provided a Letter of Approval by either mail or E-mail.


Step 3

- Take your Letter of Approval to a Vendor/Ignition Interlock Provider to
set up an appointment for installation.

- A list of Kentucky-approved vendors is located at the bottom of
this page, or you may call (502) 564-1257 for further assistance.
- Device must be installed in Kentucky unless preauthorized by

- The Service Center will provide a Certificate of Installation once the
device has been successfully installed.


Step 4

- Take your Certificate of Installation to a license-issuing location to have
a Restricted License issued.
**Credit for participation in KIIP will only
begin at the time of issuance.**

The cost of the license will depend on the type of license issued. A list of costs can be found here.


Step 5 

- Upon completion of the required compliance time, KYTC will mail or
email a Letter of Removal to schedule the removal of the device. The Service Center will provide you with a Certificate of Removal.

- Take your Certificate of Removal to a Driver Licensing Regional office to
have a Non-Restricted License issued. The cost of the license will
depend on the type of license issued.

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